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Mother, Wife, Lover of the Natural World
Massage Therapist, Yogini, Artist

Alissa is a Cary, NC based Massage Therapist and Yogini, a woman who practices Yoga, on a mission to help others feel great in their body, cultivate calm in their mind and uplift their spirit. 

In 1998 Alissa began at The Boulder College of Massage Therapy, with extensive study in anatomy of the human body and how it works and moves. The arts of Shiatsu, Swedish Massage, Integrative Massage and Normalization of Soft Tissue and Deep Tissue techniques are some of the hands on modalities she learned. Her continued studies of therapeutic healing include Thai Massage, Prenatal Massage, Hydrotherapy, Energy Medicine, Reflexology and Cranio-Sacral Therapy

Alissa truly loves sharing her gift of massage and understanding of yoga! She considers it an honor to aid in the process of returning ones body back to a peaceful state. Realizing the power of the human body and the differences in us all, Alissa truly embraces the benefits of integrative bodywork. She utilizes a combination of her training and treats the body to restore physical, emotional, and spiritual elements of wellbeing. Her work is founded on setting positive intention and allowing opportunity for the body to express its deepest ailments and opens the channels for energy to flow. 

Alissa lives and plays in Cary with her husband and two children. They enjoy exploring the natural world through gardening, walks, bike rides, kayaking, paddle boarding and camping. 

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