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  • Are massages with you therapeutic and non-sexual?
    Yes, I only do professional, therapeutic, non-sexual massage.
  • Do I have to be flexible to practice YOGA?
    No, you dont have to be flexible to practice YOGA, the practice will bring more flexibilty into your life. Flexibilty of the mind matters more than flexibilty of the body.
  • Why should I have a private YOGA session instead of going to a class or doing it at home with Youtube?
    Whether a yoga student is a novice or veteran in their practice, a private session can have many benefits. For every student, working one-on-one with a teacher enhances and builds confidence in the practice to bring to a group class or to develop an at-home personal practice tailored to their specific needs. When just begining our yoga practice often we feel uncoordinated, inflexible, overwhelmed and defeated before we even get to the first Om. We see what other students are doing and think we should look like them, or that we already look better than them and we miss out on so much of what this practice has to offer us. In the group setting this can block our ability to feel what's really happening in our body, leading to stress or even injury, getting into habits of doing the postures incorrectly. Having an experienced instructor show you how to get into and out of each pose properly can help build the foundation of your practice, and give you the understanding and confidence on your mat to explore more depths of yoga. As experienced students in classes sometimes we feel called to investigate a certain posture, or aspect of our practice that the group setting doesn't offer. Again, meeting one-on-one with a teacher gives you the opportunity to delve deeper. Maybe you have a condition like osteoporosis, arthritis, depression or anxiety. Yoga can help relieve suffering that may come through these conditions and even abate the pain and discomfort associated with them. Regular repetition of a customized sequence of poses is therapeutic and can even reverse some chronic conditions.
  • Will practicing YOGA interfere with my religion/beliefs?
    The word YOGA means "to yoke" or "union". The practice of YOGA is a means to connect deeply with a Source greater than our human understanding, with a chosen Higher Power, or Love. Setting an intention for the practice, getting to know your aim and becoming more clear with each effort is encouraged and will enhance ANY spiritual belief.
  • Do you accept credit cards?
    At this time I receive payments through credit card, cash, check (made out to Tranquil Oaks), and Venmo at Alissa-Priestley-1
  • Do you accept tips?
    Although tips are not expected, I do accept and greatly appreciate tips.
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